Friday, September 19, 2014

Floating Head

The cushions on my couch are huge.  I mean it.  They are seriously huge.  They are so huge that Sweets can make a bed out of the top of them.

I thought this photo was humourous because all you can see is his head, hence the blog entry title "floating head". 

I catch him in this position multiple times a day.  I'm so used to finding him here on this couch (I have 2) that I call this Sweets' couch.  I think he luuuuurves "his" couch, don't you?

<3 him!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Stink Eye

I guess he wasn't quite in the mood for a photo-op.  But, seriously, it's hard to get photos with him looking at me.

My old camera (P and S) would flash and he absolutely hated that.  So much so that whenever I would bring it out, he would come trotting in my direction and it was damn near impossible to get a photo let alone a decent photo.

I've been shooting Sweets with the DSLR for quite a while now and he is used to the fact that it doesn't flash.  I guess you could say he has come to "trust" this camera.  I love taking photos of him with this camera because it's practically impossible to get a bad shot.  Well...most of the time anyway.

<3 him!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Post Grooming

C'mon now...isn't he the most gorgeous dog you've ever seen?  I agree.

It's actually quite amazing I was able to catch this shot.  Usually when I say sit, he comes over to me and sits.  This morning I was able to get him to sit where he was.  Amazing!

You can see the tiny little blue bow they put on his collar.  Too cute.

<3 him!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Tired Dog (Another One)

You see his eyebrows?  This is why I always tell the groomer to cut them super short because as soon as his furs start to grow in, they cover his gorgeous eyes and his eyes are my favourite feature.  Clearly this groomer didn't listen to me.  I guess she made an "executive decision" on how long his eyebrows should be cut because they (eyebrows) shouldn't be this long already.

No worries.  "Bubby" is still the most gorgeous dog EVA!

<3 him!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Share? Please Share

Sweets:  Gimme!  Gimme!  Gimme!

Louise:  Sweets, you don't like Pop Tarts.

Sweets:  How do you know?

Louise:  When have you ever had Pop Tarts?

Sweets:  Well, never, but I'm sure I'll like them.

Louise:  I can't give you a piece because there is too much sugar in them.  I don't think that is good for doggies?

Sweets:  You suck!

Louise:  Hey!  That's not very nice.

Sweets:  Hmph!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

On Guard

Louise:  Sweets, what's that?

Sweets:  What?

Louise:  I think we are being attacked.

Sweets:  Let me look into it...

Sweets:  Oh yeah!  There is a silly, little dog barking it's ass off outside.  I can't do anything...we are on the second floor.  I'll keep an eye on him.

Louise:  Wait, though.  Aren't you a silly, little dog?

Sweets:  Well I never!  How could you say that about moi?  I'm a stud, not a silly little dog!

Louise:  Ummm.  Sorry?  You only weigh 11 lbs and you can be quite silly.

Sweets:  Boy!  You're full of it today aren't you?  I told you, I'm a S-T-U-D!

Louise:  Okay.  My mistake.  I won't call you a silly, little dog again.  Promise.